30TCGCAB Model & 50TCGCAB Model includes:

  • Honda 2” pump
  • Filter
  • mechanical flowmeter
  • 6 metre hose with automatic nozzle


The forestry industry needs a robust tank, that is compliant to WorkSafe, provides value for money and has the durability to withstand various rugged forestry and civil construction sites. With safety a key factor in this business, let us introduce you to our premium forestry fuel tanks:

Fuelchief Forestry 30TCGCAB – 3,000L 

Capacity: 3,000L
Safe fill: 2,900L
Dimensions in mm: 3,000 (l) x 1550 (w) x 1320 (h)
Weight laden: 3,776kg
Weight unladen: 1,076kg
Design approvals: TAN 09067
Design standards: UN Model Regulations 6.5
Frame: Removable galvanised lifting frame
Warranty: 3 years

Fuelchief Forestry 50TCGCAB – 4,800L 

Capacity: 4,800L
Safe fill: 4,500L
Dimensions in mm: 3,000 (l) x 2308 (w) x 1320 (h)
Weight laden: 5,690kg
Weight unladen: 1,820kg
Design approvals: TNK 10024
Design standards: AS 1692-2006
Frame: Removable galvanised lifting frame
Warranty: 3 years

The 30TCGCAB and 50TCGCAB are first rate performance tanks that provide you with the premium storage for your fuels and lubricants. That is why at Fuelchief we not only stock the most relevant products for our customers, but ones that are long lasting, adaptable and make the lives of our customers easier.

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